Club Mexicano is a contemporary new musical experience with a fantastic pop/dance score and one of the funniest and most observant scripts portraying the battles of growing up these days.

The “Club Mexicano” is an 18-30s holiday resort in Cancun, Mexico, where 19-year old Mel is celebrating her Hen-Do. The show follows her and her girlfriends as they discover the highs, lows and hangovers of Cancun and invite you to join them.
Incorporating the audience into the heart of the show it promises a fun-filled 70 minutes of musical theatre for a modern generation – and without having to wait for the interval to get a beer!
This show features a 360 degree sound system typical of most modern clubs and the audience will feel like they are in Mexico’s hottest nightclub and holiday resort listening to the soundtrack of their Summer. The atmosphere will be relaxed, chilled almost, with the energy of the performers bursting in to life from around the space.
So come along, have a drink, and join the ‘Hens’ on the dance floor…


A touring production of Club Mexicano is at the planning stages for 2018.



The songs above are taken from John-Victor’s album “Shoot…Bang!”
Soloists: Zen Blythe (Mexicano), Dani Harrison (Drinks,Lights; Countdown; Cry), Lauran Rae (Slut Drop), Rosa O’Reilly (Countdown) & Craig Webb (Countdown).
Backing Vocals by Alastair Farrall-Daniel, CiCi Howells and Charlotte Layne


The show has been written by John-Victor and Tamar Broadbent and developed by Perfect Pitch.
For more information about the show’s development to date visit Perfect Pitch’s website.

John-Victor  Tamar Broadbent

John-Victor is a songwriter/composer who combines contemporary musical genres with musical theatre. He was a finalist for the Perfect Pitch Award 2014. ‘Shoot…Bang!’, his debut album features songs from musical projects including ‘Barry The Penguin’ which has since been released as a children’s audio/picture book.

Tamar Broadbent is a comedian and writer, and has toured her solo shows around the UK and internationally. This year she was nominated for Best Comedy Show at the Perth Festival, and in 2014 won the Stiles & Drewe Best New Song Award – the most prestigious competition in the UK for new musical theatre songwriters.