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supporting shows in development

Perfect Pitch is a non-profit sister company to Global Musicals and is dedicated exclusively to supporting the development stages of new contemporary British musicals. Since leaving the Arts Council England (ACE) portfolio in April 2023, Perfect Pitch is run on a purely voluntary basis and funded by donations from our commercial producing partners.

From April 2023, Perfect Pitch and Global Musicals are at almost full capacity and unable to take on more than one or two new shows over the next 36 months. However, Andy and Wendy are keen to find ways to continue to offer support to new writing beyond the shows they themselves have the time and resources to develop and produce. They have therefore set up the following three initiatives to support new MT writing.


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    Open every other quarter. Next open period October - December.

    Run on a Volunteer basis 

    Whilst we are close to capacity, we are hopeful we will still be able to take on one or two new shows into a development process over the next 2-3 years.

    We don’t commission or chase movie/book rights for adaptation and most shows in our current and past catalogue have either come from our open submission process or from us attending an early showcase or reading of the piece.

    If you would like more information on how to submit your show via our open submission process:

    Submissions Page
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    In partnership with Stage One New Producer Scheme.
    Funded by Ex-Wives Ltd, Alchemation & Global Musicals

    Over the last 12 months as we've been aware we are reaching full capacity we have been brainstorming how we can support the development of more musicals outside of our own Perfect Pitch portfolio.

    At the start of 2023 we began working with Stage One, who provide bursaries to new and emerging producers, to establish a way to give additional support and funding to those bursary recipients specifically looking to develop and produce a new musical.

    Specifically, we can provide match funding, additional mentorship and development resources for selected Stage One recipients illustrating a passion to develop new British musicals. This will enable us to support a more diverse range and greater number of new works as a result.

    If you are a producer interested in this scheme, in the first instance you would need to apply via Stage One.

    All information is on their website
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    Matching a new musical with the right producers can often be difficult, as different commercial producers and venue partners each have their own taste, ambition and audiences.

    To help support musicals reaching the hands of the right potential collaborator, we have created (and will manage) a ‘live’ list of experienced commercial producers and producing venues (both UK and overseas) all of whom have expressed interest in receiving materials of new musicals for production or programming.

    Many commercial producers don't accept unsolicited submissions due to the sheer volume of additional work involved in responding to the artists submitting them. For this reason we do not share details of those on the list unless they are interested in meeting the artists or in producing the work.

    This bespoke service for producers and venues lets them establish the kind of musical or writing team that would suit their needs and personal tastes/preferences and if we receive work (or develop work) from our open submissions process that we feel might be a good match for them, then we will share the materials with writer permission.

    The curated list of producers and venues will have access to high quality new writing that suits their programming without the need to administer and manage their own open submission process.

    This will also benefit writers and composers whose work will have access to venues and commercial producers that may not usually accept unsolicited scripts or consider work by lesser-known artists / unknown titles.

    If you are a producer or venue and would like to be added to this list or have any questions please contact us

    As an example of the work we do,  some of our 2023 highlights…

    • Showcased one of our shows-in-development over 4 performances in the West End, securing a venue and funds for its premiere production which took place in 2024. 
    • Match funded 3 Stage One New Producer bursaries to the value of £26,000
    • Filmed the first 10 minutes of a new musical in Virtual Reality to trial the technology within the musical theatre art form.  
    • Held a closed reading of a new musical for UK and overseas venues/producers securing interest from an independent producer and a full production planned 2025.
    • Taken on a new musical through the open submission process and had a first closed read-through / workshop. 
    • Donated £5000 for early-stage career producers to be able to attend BEAM Festival in partnership with MMD and MTN
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In addition to the three initiatives we will also consider offering development fund enhancements or small commercial investments to some projects either from Global Musicals or Perfect Pitch.