Our UK submission process is currently open. The submission window re-opened on 7th April 2021 and will remain open until at least the end of March 2022.

We’re looking for a small number of shows in very early stages of development to join our catalogue of musicals. For those shows we offer mentorship and collaboration through the writing process from initial idea to full performance draft. Along the way we provide workshops, readings and demo recordings as and when required. We also partner with producing venues, training establishments and independent producers to collaborate on the development of our shows.

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    • The show should feel contemporary and connect non-exclusively with young, diverse audiences.
    • The show should be a work-in-progress in very early stages, no previous full productions and not yet production ready.
    • The writing team should be full-time UK residents.
    • The music must be original (not juke-box or pre-existing music).
    • The full writing team should be aware of our work, our process and supportive of the show being submitted.

    As one of Arts Council England's National Portfolio Organisations we receive government funding for our development work on new musicals. The Arts Council has released a 10-year plan "LET'S CREATE" that outlines their objectives and we aim to work on a variety of projects that support and contribute to that. Any writers and composers that become part of our development portfolio should acquaint themselves with the document below.

    let's create (Arts Council England)
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    READ THROUGH THE FAQS. We are continuously updating our FAQ page, please take a look through and if your question is still unanswered please feel free to drop us an e-mail. Click here to read the FAQs.
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    BROWSE THE OTHER SHOWS WE ARE DEVELOPING / HAVE DEVELOPED. On our shows page you can browse through a large number of musicals that we have developed or are currently working on. Having a listen to some of the music and reading about these shows will give you a deeper insight into the work we are excited by and whether or not we may be a good fit for your musical. 

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    SUBMIT YOUR SHOW USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED AND FOLLOW THE EMAIL GUIDELINES BELOW. We are aiming to make the submission process as administratively simple as possible for writers and at present we are not asking for any specific forms to be completed but we request all writers strictly follow the email guidelines found further down this page.

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    CHECK YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT EMAIL. Once you have submitted your work you will hear back from us within 7 days with an email that acknowledges receipt of your show. This email will let you know if we are unable to access any of the materials you have submitted or if we would like you to send any further information. We will also let you know at this stage if we don't feel your show fits our criteria. If you haven't received anything from us within 7 days please get in touch to ensure we have received your submission. It can take a number of weeks for the team to read / listen to your work once the show has been accepted into the submission process, depending how many musicals we are currently assessing at that time.  We do respond to EVERY submission. 


We are aiming to make the submission process as administratively simple as possible for writers but we request all writers adhere to the following email guidelines when submitting their work.

Please ensure your email includes the following:

  • The full names and roles (i.e. composer / script writer) of all writers and other creatives currently or previously involved.
  • *Optional* Additional details to give us more insight to the writing team e.g. age, ethnicity, gender, occupation, town / city of residence, ambitions as a writer, previous writing credentials etc...
  • The working title of the musical you are submitting
  • A very short blurb (1 paragraph) about your show. The paragraph you may find on the back of a promotional leaflet.
  • Either a minimum of 2 songs from the show you are submitting OR if you have not yet written and recorded any music please send links to songs you have previously written. The songs must include both a recorded vocal and accompaniment. They do not need to be professional recordings. A composer singing to their own piano accompaniment into their phone is fine.
  • At least 1 scene of dialogue if the show is not sung-through.
  • E-MAILS MUST NOT EXCEED 8MB. We recommend music is submitted via a weblink to a website, or a link to dropbox, soundcloud, YouTube etc. We particularly welcome links to dropbox folders.
  • As long as the minimum requirements above are met and the email does not exceed 8MB we are happy to receive as much or as little of your show as you choose to submit. We are also happy to receive any further information about yourselves and/or the development of the musical so far that you think may be of interest to us.

After reading through all the above please submit your show to:

Please check the e-mail address is to PERFECT PITCH and not PITCH PERFECT

For any further questions please visit our FAQS page