Game Theory


Game Theory

currently in development with perfect pitch

A coming-of-age thriller about friendship, betrayal, and the lengths we will go just to feel like we belong.

Desperate to fit in at university, Cass finds herself hanging out with Mia, Luke and Tom, an eccentric and exclusive group on the fringes of campus society. What Cass doesn’t know is that they are part of a university project, shrouded in mystery, that has drawn them into the black market world of endangered flowers. Yes, that’s a thing. And they’re extremely valuable.

When the group find themselves subjects of a criminal investigation, Cass clings onto their fragmenting friendship. But at what cost?

Game Theory was workshopped under its previous title, Flower Cutters, with Arts Educational, before a student production took place with UCLAN in 2019. A further Youth Theatre production was planned with Birmingham Hippodrome for 2020 which was cancelled due to Covid-19. During lockdown, the Authors have used the time to make extensive rewrites and a concert presentation of Game Theory will be presented at The Lowry in June 2021 as part of ReWrites Festival. It will also be available to view online for a limited period via