Pieces of String

Pieces of String

Developed by Perfect Pitch

A new musical set simultaneously in the 1940s and in the present day, Pieces Of String tells how Jane’s father, Edward, came back from the Second World War with a secret that would change his life forever – a secret that he would carry until the day he died. With hauntingly beautiful music and a heart-rending human story, Pieces Of String is a tender, funny, emotionally-charged exploration of how three generations of one family learn to deal with a story that nobody’s been brave enough to tell until today.

Times may have changed but some battles still need to be fought.

★★★★★ “Bold and exciting…beautiful, tender…magnificently directed…beautifully moving” – BritishTheatre.com

See below to hear MUSIC from the show or buy the SHEET MUSIC to a selection of the songs.

The original Mercury Colchester Production is currently available to WATCH ONLINE WITH DIGITAL THEATRE

Andy and Wendy Barnes first saw Pieces of String as a 20-minute presentation during a Goldsmith's college student showcase of work. The show was developed by Perfect Pitch and in 2018 Andy and Wendy partnered with Mercury Colchester and TBO to produce the premiere production. Pieces of String is currently one of four shows being further developed by Perfect Pitch as part of a consortium partnership with US licensing house Broadway Licensing and Broadway producer Kevin McCollum’s company Alchemation.

★★★★ “A seriously impressive and utterly lovely new British musical” – The Stage

2018 CAST: Carol Starks, Andy Coxon, Marilyn Cutts, Ella Dunlop, Lauren Hall, Joel Harper Jackson, Craig Mather, Gary Wood and Nicole Grumann.
2018 CREATIVES: Director - Ryan McBryde, Musical Supervisor - Paul Herbert, Choreographer - Ellen Kane.

Photographer: Robert Workman
Videographer: Ben Duff


The piano / vocal sheet music and backing tracks for selected songs are available for download on the NewUKMusicals.com website. Please click below to be taken directly to the writer's section of the site.