Wish List


Wish List


Wish List is the story of how a troubled, disillusioned boy learns to live...from a girl who’s going to die.

Wish List is an intimate, funny and moving one-act three-hander play with songs, featuring an original pop score written and composed by Charli Eglinton.

Bruno is 18 years old.
Bruno hates his life.
And, nestled between the ‘self-help’ and ‘travel’ section of his local charity shop, Bruno discovers a polaroid camera strapped to a white notebook titled ‘My Wish List’.
Inside is a handwritten message from a girl called Alyssa.

Alyssa is 17 years old.
Alyssa has Leukemia.
Alyssa has a year to live.
And, within the pages of her Wish List are six wild, daring things Alyssa wishes she could do before she dies. But can’t.

So instead, she offers the challenge to the brave soul who finds her book - able to live the journey through the photos they take with the polaroid and slot into the pages of the Wishlist. She notes the address of her hospice to return the book to - the same charity as the charity shop.

Bruno learns the book was donated ten months ago.

Alyssa has 2 months left.

Convinced it might cure his own past demons, Bruno embarks on a spontaneous journey around the world, with only the Wishlist, the polaroid camera and his imagined embodiment of Alyssa - conjured only from her vibrant, life-loving words.

Between watching the clock and fleeting eccentric encounters en route, Bruno falls in love with her...but at what cost?